"Beautiful Hair" "Beautiful You"
"Beautiful Hair"  "Beautiful You"



Anti-ageing:  We focus on three specialised treatments to give you ageless beauty naturally.  We offer a blend of different styles of complimentary therapies to provide a unique rejuvenation to slow down the ageing process helping you look amazing whatever your age.


Each anti-ageing treatment will start you on a journey to a "Younger looking you" Single treatments, a course or combination of treatments all tailored to suit you and your budget.










Profhilo is a rejuvenator. Once injected it interacts with the skin tissue to regenerate, thereby tightening and lifting the skin, reducing facial lines and wrinkles.






A form of manual exfoliation that removes dead skin cells and peachy face hair, giving skin a clear glow and smoother complexion. Aids perfect application of skin products and helps with fine lines and wrinkles.


Retinol Skin Peel
30 minute treatment

Retinol Peel can help maintain the general appearance and health of your skin. Retinol has great anti-ageing/anti-wrinkle benefits without the use of needles.

Neostrata Medical Glycolic Skin Peel
30 minute treatment

Medical Glycolic skin peels are designed to penetrate deep beneath the surface of the skin. Skin peels help with adult acne, skin pigmentation,  teen acne, and Rosacea. The peels ware suitable for sensitive skin.


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